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The Concept
For ages ice cream has been primarily a commercial product. Whether it's a good humor ice cream bar or Rs 50 sundae, every individual loves ice cream and fantastic parlors are creating brilliant flavors with ultracreamy textures to entice customers just like Cream and Fudge. In 2005, Cream & Fudge was launched in Bangkok and became part of the portfolio of Global Franchise Architects and ever since then it has been bringing smiles to many faces across various countries. Using its Swiss expertise and its worldwide research and development capabilities, in just 3 short years it has expanded its operations in Thailand, India, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Cream & Fudge offers premium smooth and creamy ice creams. The customer makes the real deal by selecting their favorite flavors, the ice cream is hand folded on a frozen marble stone with the customer's choice of mix-ins of nuts, fruits, candies and fudge. In addition to allowing customers to create their own combinations, Cream & Fudge has a menu of proprietary and innovative creations made at the stores for customers to indulge and enter a whole new world.

Our Mission
Provide our customers the means to enjoy their favorite ice-cream creations by hand folding on a marble stone their choice of ice cream flavors with their selection of mix-ins of nuts, fruits, candies and fudge, and have them enjoy it in a fun and indulgent environment.

Inspired by Roald Dahl's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," founder, Fred Mouawad, dreamt of creating a brand that would provide the ultimate indulgence around the creamiest ice cream on earth. He came up with the name Cream & Fudge as he wanted the name to create vivid images of cream magically mixed with other ingredients sourced from around the world to create a range of incredible ice creams all produced in a state of the art factory by passionate and loving artisans. In addition, Fred wanted customers to be as creative as "Willy Wonka" and have their ice creams mixed with a range of their favorite toppings on a Marble stone providing them with a theater-like ambiance. He added the word "Fudge" because he envisioned a fountain of chocolate fudge eternally pouring in that factory enabling customers to add it to their creations. To translate that vision into reality he used the brown and cream color scheme to design the stores in a unique and warm ambiance. Cream and Fudge's introduction makes it shout loudest of all the ice cream parlours - but look beyond the publicity positioning, the banging music and the adolescent decor, and there are actually some intriguing ices on offer, many of them as sundaes which come at an affordable price putting a smile on every age group. At Cream and Fudge we believe that ice cream is an affordable, intergenerational family-friendly treat with a mild sedative effect. There's temperance movement, innocent youthful courtship, and after-theater refreshment to every customer who walks right in. Summer or spring, Cream and Fudge aims to create and provides the perfect seating environment for ice cream lovers. With inside seating, periodical/seasonal events, board game now being introduced every customer is a contended one. Our staff keeps all the seating areas clean and ready for the next customer, So stop by today and enjoy creations made by you, and redefine the ice cream experience.

Cream & Fudge prides itself on serving the highest quality premium ice cream blends, homemade waffle bowls & cones, innovative recipes, a wide range of mix-ins and like all GFA brands, its undying dedication to enhancing the customer experience worldwide. There's enjoyment in the bittersweet intensity of the Mocha Fudge Temptation and the not-too-sweet praline hit of the Mango Praline, while a delicate Peanut butter and Oreo cookies concoction spoke of Oreo Peanut Butter.

An upscale and world class experience in the super premium ice-cream mix-in category, Cream & Fudge offers a luxurious atmosphere where customers can enjoy our carefully mixed creations or customize their own. Cream & Fudge is the ideal environment in which to enjoy such pleasures, where cool contemporary styling and casual comfort complete a thoroughly dreamy all-round ice cream experience.

"It's not about just the ice cream
but everything that revolves around it"

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