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The Franchise System

Cream & Fudge Fees and Investment Requirements

Cream & Fudge uses a standard international franchise fee structure by charging an upfront franchise fee based on the number of stores a franchisee is considering opening, monthly royalty payments equal to a percentage of net sales, and marketing fees as a percentage of sales that are either managed by the franchisee or by the corporate office for countries where Cream & Fudge has a corporate presence.

Franchise fees
The franchise fee is a one time payment made by the franchisee when the franchise is granted. The initial franchise fee covers the cost of approving a location, designing the store, supporting with supply chain management and import requirements, and training the management of the franchisee.

Royalty fees
Royalty fees, a percentage of net monthly sales, are paid monthly by the Franchisee during the entire term of the agreement.

Marketing fees
Marketing fees are used to market and advertise the franchise system. An advertising fee is based upon a percentage of net sales. Under a Master Franchise agreement the Franchisee is responsible for managing the national advertising fund.

A Global Franchise Architects logoA Global Franchise Architects Brand
Based in Geneva (Switzerland), Global Franchise Architects (GFA) specializes in building, operating, and franchising a select portfolio of specialty food service brands.

Over the past decade, GFA has built a proven track record in successfully developing brands and adapting them to local markets in several countries.

GFA brands are built to have a universal appeal, offer quality at value, and cater to a wide range of customers with different cultures, ages, and/or background.

GFA is fanatical about the customer experience, and has a highly developed Quality Management System that focuses on innovation to constantly improve the customer experience at any of its stores.

GFA has a world class infrastructure to support its international franchisees, as it clearly understands its success is based on the success of its partners.

Cream & Fudge Cream & Fudge
Franchise Fees US $25,000 per store
Equipment US $30,000 per store
Construction, furniture and fixtures US $40,000 to US $75,000 depending on size of store
Total Investment US $85,000 to to US $120,000
Royalty Fees 6% of net sales paid monthly
Marketing Fees 2% of net sales for National Marketing
2% for local store marketing
Initial Commissary setup fees US $35,000
Estimated Commissary Investment US $150,000 to US $250,000

* Cream & Fudge will provide you with a full list of equipment required to open a shop, and the equipment can be purchased locally.
* The cost of decoration and furniture will vary based upon size and place of location.
* In India, Service Tax is as applicable.


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