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Professional support to assure your success
Cream & Fudge will support you from the moment you sign a contract to the time your store - or stores - open. And the support continues during operation through continuous monitoring of your store, helping you to achieve a consistent high level of customer experience. We also help you promote your business by marketing the brand effectively within your territory. Because our ultimate goal is the same as yours - to generate solid returns on investment by running the business professionally and with the full support of Cream & Fudge's proven systems.

Some of Cream & Fudge's support functions include:

Market Study
Cream & Fudge's specially trained Business Development team conducts detailed surveys designed to assess the potential for each brand in each specific market. We closely study the consumer demand and intensity of competition before you move in, so as to ensure the best chances of success.

Site Evaluation
Cream & Fudge has developed its own specialized proprietary systems to assess the potential for each specific site. Our professional team will provide the survey results prior to approving any location.

Store Development
Our in-house real estate and design team provides professional assistance on location selection. This is followed up with complete design and layout, to ensure your store exemplifies the image of the brand at its best. With our standardized store designs, building your store is quick and easy.

Human Resources
Where necessary, Cream & Fudge can help you recruit key staff from other countries where the operations exist. Plus we provide you with ideal candidate profiles for key positions with clear guidelines. This ensures that you know exactly what to look for and end up with the right staff for you to succeed.

Information Technology
Cream & Fudge can help you set up a point of sale system so you can efficiently track sales. That includes generating sales mix reports that show you what products are selling and use the information to optimize your menu.

The GFA Academy
The GFA Academy offers a broad range of technical and managerial courses for all the brands in the GFA portfolio [see:]. The training is designed to provide you with the key skills required to run your stores with a passion for quality - a passion your customers will sense and appreciate through their overall experience at the store.

Onsite Training and Opening assistance
Cream & Fudge also offers onsite training by its experienced professionals and has a specialized team taht can assist your local team in opening a new store.

Operating Standards
Cream & Fudge has proven standard operating manuals that have been compiled from years of experience. Each manual is practical and designed to simplify the delivery of an outstanding customer experience. We also conduct regular audits of the stores and report the findings back to you with a suggested corrective plan of action for fine tuning.

Marketing Support
Cream & Fudge has ready-to-use proven promotions that can be adapted and implemented in your market. Cream & Fudge also has a professional team of graphic designers that can design specific promotions to meet your requirements.

Vendor Development
Cream & Fudge provides you with the skills you need to source products locally in your market. We also provide full support to assist in ordering key equipment and supplies that need to be imported.

Research & Development
Cream & Fudge has a team of professionals that are constantly innovating to introduce new products into our menus and continuously figuring how to improve the quality of our food and beverage offerings.

Finance Training
Cream & Fudge offers financial courses to support you with financial knowledge and in collecting key data required to run the business efficiently.


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